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Leading UX Designer Transforms with a Year-Long OpenText Contract

Freelance Web Designer Tony Shaw
Leading UX Designer Transforms with a Year-Long OpenText Contract

WILMINGTON, NC – September 14, 2023 – Tony Shaw, a skilled freelance User Experience (UX) Designer and Developer, has marked the successful conclusion of a year-long contract with OpenText. Shaw’s work spanned from June 2022 to September 2023, focusing on the Webroot website project, where he delivered a host of significant milestones, blending design and technical expertise.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this contract was Shaw’s involvement in a unique collaboration between Webroot and Disney Plus for the anticipated series “Secret Invasion”. Tony showcased his versatility, designing an engaging platform in Figma and developing it into a live site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. His work resulted in a cohesive user experience that successfully integrates the unique brand identities of both Webroot and Disney Plus.

Throughout the year-long contract, Shaw worked on a comprehensive update of individual pages across the Webroot website, aligning each to the brand’s new direction. Utilizing the Concrete 5 Content Management System (CMS), his meticulous work ensured an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and highly navigable site.

Adding to his list of achievements, Shaw skillfully localized the Webroot website for French and German audiences. His culturally aware designs coupled with technical proficiency delivered a tailored user experience for these specific markets.

Looking back at the project, Shaw commented, “The past year working on the Webroot website has provided a remarkable opportunity to meld design and development in a real-world context. Aligning with a new brand direction, localizing the user experience, and integrating different brand elements were both challenging and rewarding.”

The successful completion of this contract underscores Tony Shaw’s standing in the industry as a reliable and talented UX Designer/Developer, committed to delivering high-quality digital solutions.

About Tony Shaw

Tony Shaw is a highly skilled UX Designer/Developer, known for creating user-focused designs and developing engaging digital experiences. His diverse portfolio showcases successful projects across a variety of industries, further solidifying his commitment to using his skills to help businesses achieve their digital objectives.

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Tony Shaw

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