Tony Shaw

Web Design & Development Projects



During my tenure at OpenText, I donned the hat of a UX Designer/Developer. Tasked with refining their Carbonite website, I employed Figma to draft engaging layouts and later brought them to life with Optimizely CMS. Utilizing HTML, CSS, and JS, I ensured the platform was responsive and seamless.



Again, While at Opentext, I stepped into the role of a UX Designer/Developer tasked with redesigning their Webroot website. With Figma as my design tool and Concrete 5 CMS for implementation, I enhanced the user experience of their site. Merging my expertise in HTML, CSS, and JS, I transformed their digital space.

Perkins Goodbye Hugs


Perkins Goodbye Hugs came to me with an outdated website that craved a fresh touch. Tapping into WordPress and Elementor, I delivered a modern website that resonates with the brand’s story.

Guy C. Lee


Guy C Lee’s web presence required a major overhaul. The original website was built on Godady Website Builder and had little to no actual content. Using WordPress paired with Elementor, I updated their online presence, balancing their established brand with contemporary design elements.

Tarheel Monitoring


Tarheel Monitoring’s website was due for an upgrade. I harnessed WordPress and Elementor to transition their site to meet today’s standards.

Peak 6


While working as a consultant with Peak6, they expressed the need to rejuvenate their digital appearance. With WordPress and Elementor in my toolkit, I reshaped their web experience to be more user-centric.

Poker Power


Poker Power’s website wasn’t doing justice to their lively, female-focused brand. Using WordPress and Elementor, I revamped their website, ensuring it’s as dynamic as they are.

Dempsey's Drugs


For Dempsey’s Drugs, it was all about starting fresh. They needed a website but had never had one. With WordPress and Elementor, I laid the foundation for their new digital chapter.

Lancaster Electric


Lancaster Electric’s website was stuck in the past. However, with the capabilities of WordPress and Elementor, I gave them a contemporary makeover.



Truoptions approached me with a website that needed a modern twist. I employed WordPress and Elementor to infuse fresh energy into their digital identity.

Maestro Strategic Partners


Maestro Strategic Partners expressed a vision for their first website. Armed with my expertise and the strengths of WordPress and Elementor, I orchestrated a digital strategy to align with their brand story. The end result? A website that’s as strategic and sophisticated as they are.

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