Tony Shaw

Refund and Project Policy

my commitment is to deliver exceptional web design and development services that meet your unique needs. To ensure clarity and a smooth working relationship, please review my refund and project policy below.

Payments and Deposits for Design and Development Projects

Payments and deposits for design and/or development projects made to Tony Shaw are structured in increments as a courtesy to clients. Once a payment or deposit is submitted, it is considered non-refundable. In the event of project cancellation or postponement, all monies paid will be retained by Tony Shaw. If applicable, a fee for any work completed beyond the amount already paid for shall be the responsibility of the client.

Other Digital Marketing Services

Payments for services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Social Media Management, Website Maintenance, Content, and other digital marketing services are non-refundable. Tony Shaw does not issue pro-rata refunds for fees paid in advance. Upon payment or deposit submission, it becomes non-refundable. All setup fees are also non-refundable, as they are promptly applied to costs incurred by Tony Shaw in initiating services. Should a project be canceled or postponed, all monies paid will be retained by Tony Shaw, and if relevant, the client will be responsible for a fee covering any work conducted beyond the sum already paid.

Scope of Work and Project Terms

All website design and development projects will require a signed contract to commence. The web development contract will clearly outline the project’s scope, completion timeline, and payment terms. Both the client and Tony Shaw will sign the contract to acknowledge agreement with its terms. Any alteration to the project’s scope will necessitate an addendum, which both parties will sign to confirm the new terms.

Delivery of Content

You’re the content maestro! I am counting on you to provide those fantastic images and content within 5-10 business days. Think of it as the fuel that drives our creative engine. Meeting these deadlines will help me keep the momentum going and ensure a timely completion.

No Communication and Dormant Project Policy

I understand that life can get hectic, but effective communication is key to the success of our project. If I don’t hear back from you within 14 days, I’ll send you a friendly reminder to keep things on track. However, if 30 days go by without any response, I may need to hit the pause button and put the project on hold. In the event that the project goes dormant past the scheduled launch date, it will be considered canceled.

But fear not! If you’re ready to jump back in and revive the project within the project timeline, I can make it happen with a 20% fee of the total project cost. I understand that life happens and circumstances can change, so this fee allows us to pick up where I left off and continue working together towards creating an exceptional website.

Please note that in the event of project cancellation, there will be no refunds. I want to be transparent about this policy to set the right expectations. Additionally, should the project be canceled, a new quote will be necessary to start a new project. I am here to provide you with exceptional service and create amazing results, and this policy ensures that I can effectively manage and deliver outstanding outcomes for each project.

Rights and Ownership

This is your project, and I want you to feel like a rockstar. You’ll have complete ownership of the design you choose—whether it’s a logo that perfectly represents your brand or a web design that makes jaws drop. I’ll keep all the other design options I present as our own little creative babies. So, get ready to showcase your brand’s awesomeness!


In the event of a chargeback or payment dispute, leading to service suspension, a $50 chargeback fee will be imposed. This fee is intended to recover costs incurred by Tony Shaw due to credit company actions. Additionally, any outstanding balances resulting from the chargeback(s) must be settled in full before service restoration, file delivery, or further work can proceed. Instead of resorting to a chargeback, clients are encouraged to contact Tony Shaw to address any billing concerns. Requesting a chargeback or initiating a PayPal dispute for a legitimate charge from us is equivalent to fraud and an inappropriate (and potentially illegal) method for seeking a refund. We strongly advise reviewing and fully understanding our refund policy before making any payments.

Website Hosting

Payments for web hosting services are non-refundable. Hosting accounts are established upon order placement and are allocated specific server resources based on the selected plan. Irrespective of account usage, payment for hosting services remains due. Account cancellation occurs only upon written notice from the client or 30 days following the due date of payment non-receipt.

Account Termination for Violation of These Terms

Tony Shaw reserves the right to disable and/or terminate user accounts found in violation of these terms. Accounts terminated due to policy infringements will not be eligible for refunds.

Request Procedure

Refund requests must be submitted via email to Requests made through any other means, including direct email to staff members or forum private messages, will not be considered or processed.

Change of Mind

Change of Mind refund requests will be entertained if received within 30 days from the date of purchase. No reason is required for such requests, though feedback is appreciated. Tony Shaw may grant Change of Mind refund requests at his sole discretion and approval. If approved, clients will be responsible for a 20% processing fee to cover financial transaction refunding costs and time spent on the project. Change of Mind refunds apply solely to single purchases, and no refunds will be issued for volume purchases, except under extraordinary circumstances, and at the sole discretion of Tony Shaw.