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Starting a WordPress Blog or Store? Here Are Your Hosting Options

Starting a WordPress Blog or Store Here Are Your Hosting Options - Eastern North Carolina Freelance Web Designer Tony Shaw
Starting a WordPress Blog or Store? Here Are Your Hosting Options

If you’re interested in making money online, or just sharing your thoughts with the world, you’re probably going to want to create an online store and/or WordPress blog. If you’re one of the many people looking into starting a WordPress blog or store, you’ll need to host it somewhere. Here are some of your best options.

WordPress Hosting from Website Helper

Website Helper is a trusted name in web hosting, providing services in cloud hosting, Cpanel web hosting, and OnePound hosting. One place they excel in is hosting WordPress sites. Website Helper’s WordPress hosting platform is optimized for lightning-fast execution of your web applications, regardless of the complexity of your site. They promise speeds up to sixteen times faster than standard web hosts. The starter package comes with unmetered bandwidth, daily cloud backup, and 5GB of SSD Disk Space. While many other hosting services are one-size fits all, this is a platform just for WordPress, and as your site grows, the hosting scales up along with it. They also help you build your website from the ground up with tons of editable themes and plugins. With plans starting at around $7/month, it’s a bargain you won’t regret taking.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy has earned a name for itself with its risqué television ads, but that’s all just to attract your attention to their fantastic hosting services. Their WordPress options are a major draw, with four tiers of Linux-based managed WordPress hosting at play. GoDaddy doesn’t make you install the WordPress content management system on your own computer. Instead, once you’ve logged in via GoDaddy, you can post and make pages the exact same way you would on a self-hosted site. It’s neck and neck in competition with Website Helper, charging a dollar more per month but upping the SSD storage to 10GB.


This is one of the absolute best (and most affordable) hosting options. Like other hosts, TMD has a number of different hosting options, but their WordPress hosting is a cut above, and they don’t charge a premium—the prices are the same as for the company’s shared web hosting packages. The suite of WordPress-friendly features include live protection against malware (software intended to hijack or otherwise derail your site) and unique, exclusive plug-ins that make your website stand out from the competition. And what’s more, TMDHosting gives you unlimited storage, at the insanely low price of $2.95 a month. There’s really no downside.


If you’ve got a higher budget and want to invest in a hosting option that handles a lot of headaches for you, DreamHost might be the way to go for you. Their free SSL encryption certificate is great for e-commerce stores, as it ensures all the data exchanged between you and your customers is securely encrypted. They also mask all of your personal information for free, keeping your domain private. Add hyper-speed solid-state storage, server-level caching, daily malware scanning, and a dual firewall optimized for WordPress, and you’ve got an extremely secure hosting platform. Their PLUS and ADVANCED plans also grant you access to 200+ professionally designed WordPress themes that look amazing and perform perfectly right out of the box. Their basic plan is $17/moth, with PLUS and ADVANCED going for $25 and $36 respectively.

WordPress is not only the most popular blogging system on the planet, it’s the single most used website management system of any kind. WordPress blogs are also very easy to monetize, meaning you could make money writing about the topics you love. Meanwhile, e-commerce stores, including those that use WordPress, are generating tons of income for people who have realized the many advantages of selling products online. The hosting options above can help get you up and running quickly and easily.

Is all of this too confusing? I would love to help you get this set up for your business quickly and easily. Contact me today!

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